Christmas Mix “B” – 6/12/24 pcs Mini, Boxed

$17.00$57.00 (Including all Taxes)

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If you love my buttercream flower cupcakes and would prefer them as smaller “bites”, they are also available as Minis and presented Boxed.

Cupcake flavours: Chocolate or Vanilla.

This Christmassy designed product of Mini Cupcakes is available Boxed during the Christmas Season, on order.

This 12 & 24 pcs selection will include all 6 Cupcake designs.

The 6 pcs selection will include 3 of the 6 designs.

This is also available Boxed with Regular size cupcakes,

6 cupcakes @ $33  (3 designs)

12 cupcakes @ $64 (6 designs)